Case Study: Ivor Armstrong Associates

Structural Engineering Consultants based in Belfast, whose work has been featured on BBC Northern Ireland's House of The Year and Channel 4's Grand Designs.

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Ivor Armstrong Associates - Ivor Armstrong Associates


Ivor Armstrong Associates have been trading for over 10 years, but have never before had a website, put off by the high prices others have quoted.

We were able to offer them a single page website that contained all necessary information without stretching their budget.

We designed the site to be fully responsive, meaning that no matter what type of device or screen a potential customer is using (from mobile phones and tablet computers to large 24 inch iMacs), their site would be presented in the most effective manner.

Mobile devices will see a single column layout, suitable for the smaller screen, while devices with larger screens get a highly impacting 2 column experience (see screenshots below).

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Ivor Armstrong Associates website on a Large Screen Ivor Armstrong Associates website on a Medium Screen Ivor Armstrong Associates website on a Small Screen such as a phone
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