Case Study: Quality Tailored Homes

A property developer bringing a new, exciting and unique buying experience to Northern Ireland, offering customers the ability to completely tailor their homes to suit their desires and lifestyles.

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Quality Tailored Homes Quality Tailored Homes


When Rob Lewis of Quality Tailored Homes first came to us to set up a website for his property business we could tell how much he cared about delivering the best possible service to his customers.

The first requirement was to design a fresh and modern brand to compliment the fun and creative service he was providing.

Once we had that in place, we were able to design and develop a powerful and fully featured website, communicating Rob's vision and informing the customer of this unique service.

Working closely with Rob and his team, we have been able to develop the website through a number of phases. As the focus of the company has shifted, and new housing developments have been established, the website has evolved and adapted to the needs of the company.

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Full Page Print Ad for Belfast Telegraph Bell Tower Display Board Right Bell Tower Display Board Left

As our relationship with QTH developed, we were asked to take on further design work. The above two display boards are an example of some of the large scale print work we designed for use as signage across the development site.

We were also commissioned to design a number of print advertisements for use in popular newspapers. Left is an example of an ad which appeared in the Belfast Telegraph, on which you can see the brand we created for "The Meadow", and some of the photography we took around the site.

Quality Tailored Homes on Property News Quality Tailored Homes on Facebook

We crafted some unique "micro-sites" for use as landing pages on social networking site Facebook and leading property search engine Property News, which are regularly refreshed as new markets are explored and developments released.

These were supported with advertising campaigns on both sites, and a number of Flash banners were produced to encourage click throughs.

Other items we have been producing for QTH include branding for various development phases, email templates, business cards, brochure inserts, pull-up banners and various other online and print materials.

“SOLID quickly picked up the heart and purpose of the business and crafted a creative and captivating website to complement our vision and people.”

Rob Lewis |

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